At EASA, we not only simplify the tedious task of filling out visa application forms, but also provide end to end solutions for visa applications, such as, document pick up & drop off services and customer helplines for queries relating to visa information. We're the 'visa experts' and our aim is to constantly develop our technology & processes into elements, which will be simplistic, yet futuristic in its utility and design.

Step 1

Create an EASA Profile

Enter all your personal details & upload documents, if any (The more you fill up, the easier your applications will be!)

Step 2

Apply for a visa

Apply for your visa with a partly pre-filled application form

Step 3

Pay & Submit

Submit your application by completing an online payment and giving your consent for the next steps

Step 4


We will now review your application and based on the respective embassy’s requirements, proceed with one of the following options

Step 5

The Embassy grants e-visas

This is the best situation! Your form and documents can be submitted electronically to the Embassy! Which means we’ll handle everything from here and send your e-visa back to you!


Step 5

The Embassy requires physical submission of documents

If the country you’re applying to requires physical submission of documents, we will have your completed visa form sent to an address of your choice so that you can review it and sign. If you have not already uploaded your documents on our portal, please make sure you have them ready at the time of collection. We will then make sure your form and documents are submitted on your behalf at the concerned embassy/visa-processing centre. Once a decision is made on your visa, we will deliver your passport back to you.


Step 5

The Embassy requires the Applicant's Presence

If the country you’re applying to requires the applicant's personal presence at the embassy or visa processing center, we will call you to confirm an appointment date that is suitable for you. You will then need to arrive at the embassy (hands free!) and we will have your completed form and documents (if uploaded on our portal) ready for you at the application location.

And you're done.. Wasn't that easy?

Our aim is to ensure we make the entire process as uncomplicated as possible for you, so if you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us here!

Travel should never be difficult - so the next time you take flight, just remember to have a good time... and we, will remember the rest!