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Too optimistic?

When we started out, we had in mind, an idea- oh so small

And naively thought that two small sparks could go and change it all.

With rents that cost the price they do, and no free garage in South Bombay;

We took a small part of a family factory and started out on our way!


Too confused?

But the problem arose out the door - how to move from paper to plan?

And how does one bring in new tech to a change-resistant clan?

We knocked on doors to seek validation,  no one seemed to make a fuss;

Potential partners and accelerators turned away until Travelport invested in us!


Too tough?

We learnt a lot about the ideal market, but the real challenge was the first sale;

And after that to ensure that there was sustainability at scale.

For we realised that while making business plans and prototypes was fun,

The real challenge is to keep afloat with expenses being income-run


Too good?

It’s important to keep the customers happy, and a great team that knows what’s right-

Don’t compromise on those ethics and you’ll sleep better through the night!

We’ve also learnt that there’s no shame in admitting your mistakes, big or small

As with any service, it’s relationships and goodwill that trumps all!


Too slow?

We’ve been operating for a while, and although it’s getting to be quite steady,

it is frustrating at times - cause for a big step we are ready!

So we must keep pushing harder to be better, cause with complacency, cracks will show

the paradox is we won’t grow if we don’t survive, and won’t survive if we don’t grow!


To more!

It’s been 2 years of hard work, with ups and downs we’ve had to cope

But we’ll be pushing and stretching until we’re sixty and have it all (we hope!)

There’ll always be a finish line - you can decide where, and take your pace.

And when it’s done, smile in retrospect, as you begin yet another race!


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