Have you ever been going about life on a regular afternoon and just wanted to get away from it all? It would be great, right? Just pull out your phone and book that international flight ticket quickly – Done! Bag that great hotel deal – Done! Get a visa easily – Wait, is that even possible?

While the travel industry has grown in leaps and bounds with single-click flights and hotels, visa processes continue to be as complex as ever.

Each country has its own visa form and processes, at times you need to stand in line at an embassy for hours and despite it all, there’s a chance your visa might be rejected!

The problem is even worse for Indian passport-holders like us, who need a visa to travel to over 180 countries, including 17 of the Top 20 destinations Indians travel to.

Demo Day 1.6

We did a bit of research and found that a visa requirement is associated with a 70% reduction in inbound travel from a country. That might seem quite hypothetical. So let’s take a natural experiment, for example - Hong Kong! For years, Indian citizens were able to travel to the city and get a visa-on-arrival. But in January 2017, they announced a new Pre-Arrival Registration (PAR) system (pretty much like a visa) which resulted in a 20% decrease of Indians travelling to Hong Kong in the first six months of the new system, which just goes to show how much people despise redundant paperwork & processes!

But on EASA’s platform, the user has to enter their basic details just once, which entails questions that are commonly asked in almost every visa form. Once this is completed, the platform auto-completes approximately 70% of any visa application. The EASA team then verifies the form, submits it as per the embassy's guidelines and after a decision on the visa is made, the passport/visa is delivered back to the customer.

We also use personalized visa data metrics able to calculate the estimated visa processing time and predict the probability of a visa rejection for that particular user! The EASA team is able to assist the user in preventing potential rejections by providing correct information & documentation. Our Visa Voucher® algorithm does this by analyzing user profile data like age, travel history, previous visa rejections & employment status.

This is something we are able to seriously help with, especially for Hong Kong PARs, where small miscalculations and errors lead to arbitrary rejections from the immigration system.

By 2020, there will be 50 million international travellers from India and our promise is to make international travel borderless for them, and then for other countries across the world! So the next time you’re travelling, apply EASA – and get your visas , easy!


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