Love travelling but dread visa applications?

EASA is an end-to-end online solution that is all about facilitating ‘easy visas’ for Indian passport-holders. With visas being required for 180 countries, there exists an imperative need to initiate the inevitable shift in digitising the visa form filling process.

The core advantage of EASA lies in the users' personal data storage, which is approximately 70% of the information required across most visa forms. With an interface that is easy to use, our online solution is poised to potentially benefit every visa applicant.

By providing an end to end solution for visas, EASA aims to be every travellers one stop docket of all personal travel related information!


Fill in your basic details & build your profile

Enter all your personal details & upload documents (The more you fill up, the easier your application will be!)


Apply for your partly pre-filled visa

By filling out our 'EASA form', we could auto complete 70% of any visa application! Just fill in details that are specific to your upcoming trip and you're good to go!


Submit your application to EASA

Submit your application by completing an online payment (in most cases) and giving your consent for the next steps.

You're done! Wasn't that easy?

We will review your application and based on the visa you are applying for, inform you about the next steps. In most cases, that's it from your end and you can relax while we get your visa safely back to you!    Learn More